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Why I wrote a book about exit skills

Endings are not situational, they are universal and everyone experiences a variety of different endings throughout their lives. Yet nobody is talking about how to improve our exit skills. As a result, we sometimes suffer from messy exits and carry that pain with us for years to come.

What if there was a process for getting good at goodbyes by putting empathy first? How can we build our exit skills so that we can live without regret or shame? These are the questions that lead me to write Graceful Exits.

Through stories from my own life as a mom, executive, daughter, (ex) wife, and friend as well as the experiences of my dear friends and family – I have compiled a book of insights and stories surrounding the good, the bad, and the ugly exits we can all relate to and learn from.

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We all experience exits throughout our lives, why isn’t anybody talking about them? Now is your opportunity to look more deeply into past, present, and future exits so you can find grace and peace in each milestone.

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