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Graceful Exits: Making the Case for Getting Good at Goodbye

My very first book about the topic few want to discuss

We will all experience exits and, unlike Algebra, developing skill in this area is actually something you will use.  Using stories from my life and others, Graceful Exits explores both good and bad exits in the following areas:

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What people are saying about the book...

Geri’s book is timely and thought-provoking. With all the change the world has experienced, looking at “exits” openly and honestly is something all of us could benefit from. In every aspect of our lives, exits will happen. Finding grace in the exits is another story. Geri’s book will help you shift the hard exit into a soft ending.



—  Amy Wise, Author, Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy!

In Graceful Exits, Geri provides a thoughtful and insightful playbook for managing change. As a seasoned HR professional, this book has armed me with the skills to better hold courageous conversations, communicate meaningful expectations, lead with human-centered empathy, and build transformational trust across any organization.



— Leah Weyandt, Chief People Officer,

Graceful Exits is a heartfelt, must-read book that helps us all navigate the inevitable personal and professional life-changing events so that we emerge better on the other side!

— Dr. Larry Pollack, MD




Vulnerable, funny, deeply personal and raw. From building a case for listing your nonnegotiable in a partner or career to creating rituals around divorce vows akin to wedding vows. This book offers a simple yet divine code to the psychological land mines we create for ourselves and builds a fantastic case for departing and seeing exits honestly and courageously.


— Alish Roarty, Corporate Executive Mediator and Facilitator

Hear what industry veteran and author of more than 20 books, Robert Yehling, has to say about Graceful Exits. 
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