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Harnessing the power of collective wisdom to bring grace to everyday life. This life…can be so full of pain or grace, of rage or grace, of struggle or grace.  In this space, we are seeking a better way in all things.  As with any good story, we begin our quest at the end, or rather, endings with my new book, Graceful Exits –  Making the Case for Getting Good at Goodbye

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Graceful Exits

Exits are going to happen whether we like it or not, so why not get good at them? How much time did you spend learning to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, and/or interview for a job? Why not spend a little time learning to approach exits with greater skill? An ugly exit not only leaves scars on everyone involved, but also adds to the psychological burden one carries long after the exit. On the other hand, a graceful exit is hard in the moment, but sets us up to feel lighter and healthier on the other side.

The story of

Geri Reid Suster

Her love of adventures and embrace of graceful exits and new beginnings is not only the subject and theme of her latest book but also a reflection of her life to this point.

Geri grew up in a small beach community in Southern California with dreams of becoming a journalist when she got older. She worked her way through college, where she was enrolled in SDSU’s journalism program (the first class to transition from typewriters to Apple Macintosh computers – what a time to be alive!). With the goal of becoming an editor in the publishing industry, Geri landed a job right outside of college…though she had envisioned something glamorous like books and magazines she ended up at a company that published telephone directories…

"The pain you cause becomes the pain you carry."

- Graceful Exits
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