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Are you able to talk about loved ones that have passed?

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When you lose at games, sports, promotions, etc, are you able to congratulate the winner?

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Do you have healthy, boundaries and relationships with your exes?

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Have you stuck with a healthcare provider you didn’t like because you were afraid to fire them?

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Have you ever kept tabs on an ex online or in person?

6 / 18

Have you ever lost touch with a good friend for more than 1 year without a clear reason?

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Have you ever quit a job with no notice?

8 / 18

Have you ever broken up with someone via text, email, or phone?

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Have you ever laid someone off with no notice?

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Have you ever cheated on a romantic partner?

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Have you ever made up a reason for breaking up with someone because you didn’t want to tell them the truth?

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Do you have loved ones that have died before you had the chance to make things right with them?

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Have you ever lied about the death of a pet? (i.e. saying something like “they went to a new home”)

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Do you have children you do not speak to?

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Have you rejected people from your life because they hold different political or spiritual beliefs than you?

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Have you ever kept tabs on your teenage children?

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Have you ever felt completely lost when your children moved out?

18 / 18

Have you ever had to put down your pet but did not accompany your pet in the room when it happened?