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When a dream becomes real (unboxing Graceful Exits)

This week I saw my book for the very first time.  

After 7 years of talking into a voice recorder, typing on my laptop, and walking away from this project only to come back to it over and over…the unboxing is finally here.

I had a dream last week that the cover had a tractor on it and the dimensions were all messed up – you know how dreams take your thoughts and turn them into funny, exaggerated versions of what you fear most?  Yeah, it was like that.

Thankfully it is perfect – just the right size so as not to scare anyone off on an already difficult topic.  The book is jacket-less and I worried about how that would look and feel but I love it!

And I hope you love it too.  I hope it becomes a book you send to friends and family when they are hurting, perhaps while struggling with an impending exit.  Or to someone you know who is regretting how they handled an exit at work or with a friend.  Someday, I hope we teach courses on how to build skill in this area based on this little green book.  Why not?

After all, life is too short to live with shame and regret.  As my brother-in-law said before his passing, “nothing but joy is worthy of having in our hearts.  Our hearts are supposed to be filled with love, so let’s do that.”

Unboxing 1
Unboxing 2
Unboxing 3
Check out a short clip of the magical unboxing moment, when my dream of 7 years in the making became a reality.

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