How to handle layoffs with grace

How to keep it professional during a tough exit at work

Building and honing skills around exiting is applicable to all areas of our lives both personal and professional because whether you like it or not, there’s an exit right around the corner. 

If you’ve been laid off, delivered bad news as a manager, or left your job for greener pastures, then you’ve experienced a professional exit. The “Professional” section of my new book, Graceful Exits, navigates the nuanced communication of corporate America in hopes of setting a new standard of conversation in the workplace. This specific passage details my first experience laying off a large group (of people I barely knew).

I was intimidated, to say the least, the company-provided training told me to deliver the news quickly and I was worried about the reaction I would get from the crowd. When I walked onto the stage my thoughts shifted and I realized I was in an auditorium filled with real people whose professional lives were about to drastically change. So when they had questions, I knew veering away from training and giving honest answers was the least I could do. 

As soon as my concern for how the experience would temporarily impact me turned to the long-term impact this news would have on each individual, I was able to use my instinctual empathy to guide the delivery. When faced with a difficult exit (like laying off an auditorium of people), considering your impact on the receiving party and upholding an honest delivery is key to success.

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We all experience exits throughout our lives, why isn’t anybody talking about them? Now is your opportunity to look more deeply into past, present, and future exits so you can find grace and peace in each milestone.

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