Graceful Life-What fear of death taught me about life

What fear of death taught me about life

If you have ever experienced fear surrounding the death of a loved one, you are not alone. Some of the most painful yet transformative experiences of my life have been sparked by the passing of someone close. The “Unhumaning” section of my new book, Graceful Exits, highlights the process that goes along with shedding our physical form and embracing the gorgeous mystery of death. In this particular passage, I share my regrets about how I handled the death of my dear friend and role model, Auntie Joyce.

Though I wish I had been present for the process of her transitioning and been able to tell her how much she meant to me, I learned a valuable lesson. I now realize it was my fear of death, specifically her death, that kept me from showing up and missing out on this important part of life. Little did I know, this experience would greatly prepare me for the future, specifically my mother’s passing 12 years later.

It was through my failing that I learned how high the stakes were and how precious the time we have can be. I hope that normalizing hard things like death, (aka Unhumaning), will help us learn to walk through the inevitable fear that comes with it together.

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